Friday, June 27, 2014

Stay Tuned.....

I have been on vacation for the better part of three weeks. No writing or blogging, only sight-seeing and picture-taking. I lost 200-400 images from my camera, but between my camera and cell phone I still saved 1,800 plus images to my computer. Not all are high quality, but enough are that I should have blog material for months to come.
Locomotive in from the Ogden, Utah, Union Station
Ogden Union Station today

Old Caboose in front of Ogden Union Station

What I did do this week is update my website and my blogs as far as format goes. I may come up with something better, but the train I added to the banner was taken on our trip.  It was in front of the Union Station and museum in Ogden, Utah.

My website I updated can be found at
Inside the Ogden Union Station
 Here are some other images from that station. I love the interior.

Why Ogden?  Ogden is the closest sizable city to the Golden Spike location at Promontory Summit, Utah, where the First Transcontinental Railroad was joined in 1869. Since one of my great-grandfathers, Edwin Brown, was hired to work for the Union Pacific Railroad once it reached Utah, I have been interested in this event in history for some time. He was present at the original Golden Spike ceremony.

Mural depicting the building of the Central Pacific Railroad

Mural depicting the building of the Union Pacific Railroad

The first train station in Odgen

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