Saturday, November 10, 2012

Like a Fungus

Like a fungus, this series keeps mushrooming.

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to develop a worksheet for my characters in Nebraska Sunrise in order to develop the romantic interests and develop the plot. Between army forts and Indians trying to save their lands, travel from the east to Oregon, California and Utah across the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains, the gold rushes of the 1800s, the Civil War, the development of the stage line, the telegraph and the railroad, there is a lot of neat stuff that can show up in western novels of the 1860 through 1880 era, just in the Overland Trail/Union Pacific Railroad territory.

So much, in fact, that as I developed this worksheet, I realized it called for even another book to get it all in. Ah, the curse of research and finding out some more neat historical incidences and facts.

The deciding factor was the time issue. I felt I could only cover so much ground time-wise before the novel got too cluttered. So the first book will not be Nebraska Sunrise. What will the title be? Still working on it. But, I know who the leading characters will be and what they will be doing.

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